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Dr. Priya Daundkar Patil


Dr. Priya Daundkar Patil is qualified Ayurvedic practioner. She holds Ayurvedacharya and Yog Ayurved Padvika. Apart from Ayurvedic Treatment, Dr. Priya has special interest in Infertlity, Obesity, Garbhasanskar, Suvarna Bindu Prashan Sanskar, Yoga Training, Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar Treatment in Pune. She is practising in field of Ayurved, Garbhasanskar and Yoga since 2007.

Shree Ayurved, Panchakarma and Physiotherapy Hospital in located in Chandan Nagar on Ahmednagar Road, Pune. Shree hospital is well spacious with all Ayurvedic medicines made available on the spot along with and for the treatment. It is equipped with an independent Panchakarma treatment unit and a physiotherapy unit. Shree has served and helped thousands of patients to regain their original healthy living.

Garbha Sanskar Treatment Pune

How We Started

Shree Ayurveda – Dr.Prashant Daundkar Patil is Founder and Director of Shree Ayurveda which was started in May 2005 to offer Ayurvedic treatment, Panchakarma, Garbhasanskar, Yoga and Physiotherapy treatment all under one roof.

It is the only one hospital in pune, offering all services together holistically . Dr. prashant daundkar patil is lead practitioner at Shree Ayurveda along with Dr.Priya Daundkar Patil Specialized in Garbhasanskar and Yoga.

Shree Ayurveda is serving and helping thousands of patients to regain there original healthy living. Shree Ayurveda and Panchakarma has residential facility in hospital premises for outstation patients and people who can't move outside during treatment.

Ayurveda is the most ancient yet most effective form of medical treatment! Our Mission is to help and cure people with Ayurvedic Treatment and Therapies for continuous and sustainable healthy living flaticon-dog-and-pets-house lifestyle!

Analysis and Investigation of Current Health Status/ Reports Get into details of Daily routine (Dinacharya) Suggest essential lifestyle changes Prepare and Recommend suitable diet plan Provide medicine.